Revision Schedule

NHGA handicap revisions take place on the 1st & 15th of each month beginning on April 1st and ending on November 1st.

Player's may not post scores that are played in New Hampshire during the off-season, however rounds played in a state that observes a year-round season may still be posted.

Revision Revision Effective  
1 January 1st Inactive Season
2 January 15th
3 February 1st
4 February 15th
5 March 1st
6 March 15th
7 April 1st 1st NH Golf Revision
8 April 15th Active NH Golf Season
9 May 1st
10 May 15th
11 June 1st
12 June 15th
13 July 1st
14 July 15th
15 August 1st
16 August 15th
17 September 1st
18 September 15th
19 October 1st
20 October 15th
21 November 1st Final Revision of 2018
22 November 15th Inactive Season
23 December 1st
24 December 15th




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