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If you are a GHIN Handicap holder at an NHGA member club, you are already a member of the NHGA. If not, golfers can join the NHGA in one of two ways. NHGA membership includes a number of benefits

Join an NHGA Green-Grass Club
NHGA Green-Grass (Type 1) Clubs are NHGA golf clubs located at a specific golf course in the state. Green-Grass clubs can be private, semi-private, public or resort golf courses. Interested members should contact the club directly to get your handicap and membership set up. If you're a member of an NHGA Member Club and are a GHIN handicap holder, you are already a member of the NHGA. This is likely the more cost-effective way of joining the NHGA. 

Join the NHGA Online
If you are a GHIN Handicap holder through an NHGA member club, then you're already a member of the association. If not, NHGA membership is available to all golfers throughout New Hampshire who wish to take advantage of the benefits of belonging to the association. The cost of joining the NHGA online is $50 per season (April 1 through November 1) and includes several member benefits. Online membership differs from normal club memberships. Please contact the facility of your choice for more details. 



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