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New Hampshire Scoring Posting Season Ending
Author: Kate Kellar
October 26th 2017 - The New Hampshire score posting season is coming to an end on October 31st.  This means that from November 1st to March 31st, New Hampshire courses observe the inactive season.  With that, any scores shot at a New Hampshire course during the inactive season are not eligible to be posted towards your handicap.  Scores shot at course in other parts of the country may still be eligible to be posted, depending on that State's active season.

Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I usually travel to Florida during the winter months and play golf, but my handicap is through my golf club in New Hampshire. Am I able to post the scores from Florida to my scoring record, even though my club in New Hampshire is inactive?

A: Yes. Although the club you belong to is in the inactive season, all acceptable scores made in an active season area must be posted to a player’s scoring record.  Click Here for a schedule of Active and Inactive seasons around the country.

Q: My golf club in New Hampshire is open through December and I am still able to play. Am I to post these scores made in December?

A: No. These scores must not be posted to a player’s scoring record. If your golf club is in an inactive season, then scores are not acceptable for posting purposes. The key is where the round was played and if that area is observing an inactive season, e.g., generally November through March in the northern half of the U.S.

Q: If I try to post a score from a New Hampshire course during the inactive dates, will the computer tell me the score cannot be posted?

A: Yes, whichever method you choose to post a score (, GHIN kiosk at a course, GHIN Mobile App, etc.), it will not allow you to post the score.

Q:  I travel to Arizona in the winter, but my New Hampshire club inactivates my GHIN handicap so I can't post any of my scores from Arizona.  What should I do?

A:  We recommend contacting the handicap chair or club professional at your home club in New Hampshire to make them aware you will be playing winter golf and would like to keep your handicap active throughout the winter months.

If you have any questions regarding the New Hampshire inactive season, please contact Kate Kellar at or call the NHGA Office at (603) 219-0371.

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