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NHGA To Allow Distance Measuring Devices on Junior Tour
December 2nd 2015 -

Concord, NH – The NHGA will adopt the note under Rule 14-3, which permits the committee to allow the use of distance measuring devices at all Adaptive Communications Junior Tour Events, effective immediately. The policy change aligns the Junior Tour with NHGA Championships which allow Distance Measuring Devices provided that the device measures distance only.
The change was announced on Wednesday by NHGA Tournament Director Greg Howell. “We are excited to introduce the use of rangefinders into all junior events in 2016. Our Junior Championship adopted the change in 2014 and we feel it is time to make the change for our Junior Tour as well. At this point, studies have found that the use of rangefinders has not had any significant impact on pace of play. The reality is golf is played with distance measuring devices now and our Junior Tour players should not be prohibited from using them.”
Some devices will not be allowed in NHGA Junior Tour events. If the device has the ability to measure other conditions that may assist the player such as slope, wind, or club selection the use of said device would be a breach of Rule 14-3. The penalty for a breach of 14-3 is a two stroke penalty, and a subsequent breach is disqualification.
For more information on the use of distance measuring devices on the Adaptive Communications Junior Tour, please contact Greg Howell at


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