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NHGA Active Season Begins April 1st
March 28th 2017 - The active posting for NHGA members will begin on April 1st. This means that players will once again be permitted to post scores from rounds played in New Hampshire. If you have an inactive handicap, please contact the club where you have your Handicap Index set up and ask them to activate you for the 2017 season. New members can register at their local club or join an NHGA member facility by CLICKING HERE

A couple of important handicapping items to remember as the season gets underway: 
Q: What Does a Course Handicap Represent?

A: A Course Handicap represents the number of strokes needed to play to the level of a scratch golfer or the Course Rating of a particular set of tees. A Course Handicap is always expressed as a whole number. All NHGA Member Clubs should have a Course Handicap table on site. You can also access a Course Handicap calculator by CLICKING HERE

Q: When players are competing from a different USGA Course Rating or tees, why do you make a Course Handicap adjustment? 

A: When a USGA Course Rating difference exists among two competitors, they're playing form different benchmarks, and an adjustment equal to the full difference in the USGA Course Rating must be made in order for the competition to be equitable. 

Player A is competing from the Blue tees (71.0) and Player B is playing from the White tees (69.0). Since the USGA Course Rating difference is two strokes, Player A must add two strokes to his/her Course Handicap as calculated from the Blue tees. Alternatively, Player B may deduct two strokes from his/her Course Handicap as calculated from the White tees. The overall effect of either adjustment would be the same. 
Q: How does a player post a score if a stroke is conceded or the player doesn't finish the hole?

A: The player should record the most likely score for handicap purposes. A most likely score is the number of strokes already taken, plus the players best guess as to the number of strokes needed to complete the hole from that point, more than half the time. 
Q: What scores are acceptable for handicap posting purposes?

A: Almost all scores are acceptable, including:
  • When at least seven holes are played
  • Scores on all course with a valid Course & Slope Rating
  • Scores in all forms of competition where the player plays their own ball
  • Scores made under the Rules of Golf
  • Scores made when playing under Preferred Lies

​Q: Should I post a score played under Preferred Lies?

A: Yes. 
Q: Can a score be posted from a round played alone?

A: Playing an entire round alone or unaccompanied doesn't meet the definition of peer review which is essential for the integrity of the USGA Handicap System. Scores played alone or unaccompanied are unacceptable. 

For more information on NHGA membership or the USGA Handicap System, please contact the NHGA at 603-219-0371 or email us at


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